New Facebook Ads Formats: Expert Tips For Maximum Engagement

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

If your new patient Facebook ads are not performing as well as they should, check to be sure you are not misformatting your ads with the below tips.

Primary Text:

Facebook has made a significant change to the primary text in your ads, which refers to the text appearing above your ad image. Previously, ads had up to seven lines of primary text. However, this has now been reduced to just three lines.

It’s essential to make those first two or three lines as engaging and attention-grabbing as possible. Get straight to the point and focus on the primary benefits of your offering, using powerful words that elicit a response from your target audience.

Images change:

Facebook has also updated the aspect ratio for ad images. Previously, images had a 2:3 aspect ratio (two parts high by three parts wide). The new aspect ratio is 4:5 (four parts high by five parts wide), resulting in a more square-ish image. This change is crucial because Facebook now crops the top of images, potentially cutting out important parts of your photo. To avoid this, adjust your images to the new aspect ratio.

Discovery! Authentic Photos mean better performance:

When selecting images for your ads, using real photos from your practice can lead to better performance compared to stock images. Authentic photos create a sense of connection and can resonate more with your audience. Just remember to respect privacy regulations and use images with the correct aspect ratio.

Tips for Adapting to the Format Changes

Craft concise, impactful primary text: Take the time to create two or three powerful sentences that effectively communicate your message. This can be challenging, but the effort will pay off in the long run.

Test multiple versions: Once you have your primary text and images, don’t be afraid to test different variations to see which ones perform best.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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