How To Write Facebook Ads That Get New Patients

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

If your Facebook new patient ads are underperforming perhaps you’re trying to do too much with your ad.

Basically, it comes down to Laser versus Shotgun.

Shotgun marketing is a broad approach, where you list all services offered in an ad, hoping to catch someone’s attention.

On the other hand, laser ads target one specific complaint (ie. Knee pain, Neuropathy, etc), speaking directly to the viewer’s needs. From years of experience, it’s clear that these one-topic ads outperform the shotgun approach by a significant margin.

Shotgun ads often stem from a lack of experience or confidence in advertising.

Marketers anxiously want to cast a wide net, hoping to reel in potential customers by listing everything they treat.

Thus, shotgun ads tend to be more about the advertiser, rather than the prospective patient.

In contrast, single-complaint-focused ads speak entirely to the prospect appealing to their self-interest, which is vital for effective copywriting.

It is far better to run separate campaigns for each specific complaint or service you want to advertise.

Ensure the conversation continues seamlessly from the ad to the landing page, using the same language and addressing the viewer’s concerns about that one complaint.

By showing you understand their needs, you gain their trust and interest.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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