Maximize New Patient Conversion with Performance Marketing

written by John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

As a doctor or practitioner, you know that growing your practice takes more than just providing excellent care.It requires strategic marketing. But with your busy schedule, effective marketing can fall by the wayside. That's where we come in. We are marketing experts for practitioners and doctors. In the video, I share some tips on how to maximize new patient opportunities through tracking and measurement.

The Benefits of Tracking Each New Prospect

When you run any kind of marketing, you inevitably start getting more phone calls, appointment requests, and inquiries. This influx of interest represents opportunity for new business. As the manager of your marketing process, your goal should be to maximize the results from every new potential patient who reaches out. You want the highest possible percentage to become real, paying patients.

Use a CRM or Spreadsheet to Track Conversions

How do you do that? You need to track and measure the process that new potential patients go through, from initial inquiry to scheduled appointment to actual conversion to patient. What gets measured gets managed. By tracking each new opportunity and the outcome, you can optimize every step of your sales funnel.

For example, we use a custom-built CRM to track new patient opportunities for our clients. This allows us to see if our conversion numbers change month to month. If they dip, we can pinpoint what changed in the process and improve it. Often it comes down to inconsistencies in staff handling inquiries.

Even a simple spreadsheet is better than nothing. An automated CRM makes it much easier to get robust data. Either way, tracking each new opportunity lets you continuously improve conversion rates. It also lets you test different marketing campaigns and see which ones generate the most cost-effective appointments and patients.

We Handle the Marketing While You Focus on Patients

Over time, a dialed-in measurement and tracking system can double, triple or even quadruple the return from your marketing spend. It also helps ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks. Each new caller or appointment request represents real revenue potential. Tracking helps maximize it.


Consistently tracking your new patient opportunities provides visibility into what marketing tactics work best for your practice. It also helps you identify areas of weakness in the sales process so you can optimize conversion rates. Implementing a CRM or spreadsheet tracking system takes a little time but provides invaluable data to grow your practice.

At The Customer Factory, we handle the marketing and CRM while you focus on patient care. Book a discovery call today to learn how we can help your practice grow. With over 25 years of healthcare marketing experience, we have proven systems that deliver new patients at a profit. Let's talk about your goals and how we can help you get there.


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