Why Excellent Practitioners Struggle To Grow: The Healthcare Marketing Strategy You Need

written by John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

I recently recorded a video sharing my advice for growing a healthcare practice without relying solely on referrals. While having a stellar reputation and delighted patients is crucial, it is very difficult to scale a business on word-of-mouth alone. In this video, I explain:

  • Why even the best practitioners struggle to gain new patients from referrals
  • The limitations of trying to "control" growth when relying only on referrals
  • How to set smart growth goals for your practice
  • Why a robust marketing plan puts you in the driver's seat

I share my framework for blending exceptional patient care with savvy marketing techniques to drive sustainable growth. This video provides actionable tips to take control of your practice's future and avoid the feast-or-famine cycles common with referral-based growth.

Join our free webinar and discover the marketing secrets that can transform your practice. Success begins with the right strategy!

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