The Marketing Mistake That Murders Profitability

written by John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

We all know that keeping your marketing fresh is important. But randomly changing your marketing strategy when things are going well can actually hurt your business growth. Here's why.

The Story of a Client Who Changed What Was Working

We had a client who was doing great with our marketing program. Their ads were running smoothly, generating lots of new patients consistently month after month. Their leads were converting well, and revenue was growing.But then they suddenly decided they should "change things up" and try a different marketing approach, just because they felt it was time for something new. They stopped the campaign that was working and tried something completely different, with no past success.This is like a fisherman catching loads of fish off a dock, then randomly deciding to go down the beach to try fishing somewhere new. Why change what's working? Don't interrupt your momentum.

The Risks of Changing Marketing Without Cause

There are several risks to changing your marketing for no reason when things are going well.You lose all the brand awareness you built up. Those people forget about you.You waste the time and money spent training platforms like Facebook's algorithm.You lose your positioning in front of ready buyers.Competitors can swoop in and steal your market share.Basically, you waste all the momentum you worked so hard to build, and have to start over from scratch.

When You Should Change Your Marketing

There are definitely valid reasons to change up your marketing strategy or creative, such as: Your current campaign is losing steam and conversions are dropping.You've fully saturated your current audience and need a new channel.You have a new offer that needs a different marketing approach.We always recommend A/B testing new ideas while keeping your core campaigns running consistently. That way, you minimize risk while potentially finding something even better.But randomly changing your marketing "just because" will likely backfire, as we've seen with clients time and time again.Stick with what works, and keep building on it. Don't interrupt your momentum and growth trajectory without good reason.For more tips on maximizing your marketing ROI as a practitioner. Check out this post on common growth mistakes.


Resist the urge to change your marketing solely for the sake of change. Stay consistent with what's working to build brand awareness and leverage algorithm optimization. Keep testing new ideas, but don't sabotage your momentum without good reason.If you want to ensure your marketing strategy is set up for sustainable growth, schedule a free Discovery Call with us. We'll review your current marketing approach and identify opportunities to improve results without starting over from scratch.Don't let ineffective marketing changes derail your progress. Book a session today to get expert advice on marketing that converts.

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