How To Convert Up To 82% Of Your Marketing Leads Into New Patients

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

Recently a client disclosed that he was converting more than 82% of his new patient marketing leads into paying new patients.

Speaking to another practice owner with some more numbers I found they had similar approaches to how they convert leads into new patients.

Here’s what I found:

These practice owners approach every lead with the idea that someone has asked for help and will remain a prospect until they are under care. All leads are followed up with until the person either “cries, buys, or dies.”

They never allow any valid lead to be dropped from the list of prospective new patients and have people and systems that continue to follow up indefinitely.

Next, to make sure that no leads ever fall through the cracks they have sophisticated customer relationship management systems (CRM) where every lead is visible and trackable.

They track the percentage of prospective patient leads that are contacted, scheduled, and shown up on a daily basis. If the numbers start to dip they look to find out what has changed.

Finally, these practice owners incentivize their new patient schedulers to get new people into the office.

As a result their schedulers never complain that the leads are bad or give excuses. They are too busy scooping up bonuses for getting in highest-ever numbers of new patients in for care.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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