Chapter 15: Avoid Getting Banned from Facebook Ads: Rules for Healthcare Marketing

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

In this video, I share some tips on how to avoid getting your Facebook ads or account banned when marketing healthcare services. With Facebook's strict policies around healthcare advertising, it's easy to inadvertently break the rules and face penalties.

Facebook's Monitoring Bots Are Sensitive About Healthcare Ads

Facebook depends on people having a good experience on their platform. They hire bots as monitors that look for any ad content that could upset users. These bots are extra sensitive when it comes to healthcare ads. Just one wrong word can get your ad or even entire advertising account banned. I've seen this happen to chiropractors, laser therapy practices, neuropathy treatment centers, dental chiropractors, and spinal 

Follow Facebook's Published Rules Carefully

While Facebook has general rules published, they also have many unpublished rules specifically around healthcare advertising. To avoid problems, carefully study their terms of service and advertising policies. Read between the lines to understand their goals - they want advertisers but not ones upsetting their users.

Avoid Spammy, "Salesy" Style Headlines and Ads

Anything that looks overly promotional or resembles a sketchy sales pitch will get flagged. Stick to talking about the solutions you offer rather than big claims or money-focused language.

Don't Use Images of People in Pain

Illustrations of people clearly suffering or in pain tend to disturb Facebook users. Use images that communicate health and healing instead.

Don't Say "You" or Ask Questions

Two big no-nos are using "you" statements directly addressing the reader or asking questions, especially related to symptoms. This comes across as invasive to people.

Watch Your Landing Page Too

Facebook will check the page your ad links to, so don't include anything there that violates their policies either. Scammy-looking pages will also get your ads shut down.

A Few Banned Ads Can Suspend Your Account

If you get just a few ads disapproved, your entire advertising account can get suspended temporarily. Consistent infractions can lead to a permanent ban.

By understanding Facebook's approach and avoiding common mistakes, you can successfully advertise your chiropractic practice, dental chiropractic office, neuropathy clinic, laser therapy or spinal decompression center without risking your account access.Check out my guide on Facebook marketing for healthcare practitioners.


Facebook provides a powerful platform to reach potential patients for healthcare practices. But their strict, complex policies mean you must tread carefully to avoid account bans. By steering clear of overly promotional language, disturbing images, and directly addressing readers, you can market your services effectively and safely. With the right approach, Facebook ads can become a trustworthy patient acquisition source for your practice.Book a discovery call today.

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