Chapter 13&14: Getting the Most ROI From Your Facebook Ads for New Patients

written by John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

In this video, I cover some key strategies to avoid getting banned on Facebook as a medical practitioner running ads. Getting banned can be detrimental to your business, so it's crucial to understand Facebook's policies and stay compliant.

As a medical marketing agency, we've seen practices get shut down for seemingly small infractions.

Facebook advertising is a privilege, not a right, and they can revoke access anytime. While legitimate practitioners get banned unfairly at times, there are steps you can take to minimize risk. I share tips from my experience in the video below.

The most common reasons practitioners get banned include:

  • Making medical claims
  • Targeting conditions
  • Using before/after photos

Facebook has very strict rules against anything they consider "misleading health claims". Their definition is broad and includes many normal marketing messages like "relieve back pain" or "treat migraines". Even implying you can help with a health condition is not allowed.

The safest approach is to keep language general.

Focus on benefits like "live pain-free" or "reduce inflammation". Avoid specifics around medical conditions, anatomy, medications, or numbered results like "eliminate joint pain in 3 weeks". That will often trigger a ban.

Image use is another hot button.

Dramatic before/after photos, even if real, suggest you can cure or treat disease. Facebook sees it as exaggerated hope. The only workaround is getting legal consent to show each patient's face and story, which isn't feasible for ads. Keep photos generic - stock images of people active and happy.

Finally, beware of targeting conditions themselves, like "back pain" or "migraines". Facebook has these terms on a blacklist to prevent marketers from preying on sufferers. Stick to more general interests and demographics relevant to your specialty like "yoga" or "health & wellness".

In summary, the keys to avoid getting banned on Facebook as a medical practitioner are:

  • Avoid specific medical claims and health promises
  • Use soft language talking about benefits like "reduce pain"
  • Don't target specific conditions directly
  • Keep images generic - no before/afters or stock photo manipulation
  • Review Facebook's policies and stay up to date as they evolve

While Facebook can seem intimidating, thousands of practitioners advertise successfully by being careful with messaging and targeting. We help our clients walk that fine line with compliant language that still converts.


Facebook marketing is crucial for medical practitioners to reach new patients, but it comes with risks if done improperly. By avoiding specific medical claims, health promises, and condition targeting, you can steer clear of policy violations that get accounts shut down. Focus on general wellness messaging and compliant tactics to build your practice safely. With the right strategy, Facebook provides massive opportunities to grow your business.

If you have any other questions around marketing your practice without risking your Facebook account, please reach out for a free discovery call .I'm always happy to help practitioners grow their business while staying safe on social platforms. Compliant marketing that gets results is our specialty.

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