Chapter 13&14: Getting the Most ROI From Your Facebook Ads for New Patients

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

Here's my video packed with my top tips for running successful Facebook ad campaigns. At The Customer Factory, we have honed a systematic process for testing different ad combinations until we find high-converting winners.

In this valuable video, I walk through the step-by-step framework our agency uses to maximize results for our clients. I explain:

  • The specific ad elements you must test - headlines, images, call-to-actions, targeting, etc. Experimentation is key.
  • How you can leverage Facebook to test marketing concepts before investing in expensive direct mail.
  • The critical importance of continuously testing new variants to reinvigorate fading campaigns. Complacency kills performance.

I share my proven methodology to help ensure your ad budget is working hard to attract new patients and grow your practice. With a strategic testing process, you can optimize engagement and conversions.

Watch the video now to pick up actionable tips to boost your Facebook marketing results. My framework can help streamline your efforts and provide clarity on what needs testing.

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