The Surprising Key To Successful New Patient Dinner Events

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

It’s natural to assume that more is always better when it comes to having new patient prospects at your new patient seminar. Surprisingly, the numbers tell a different story.

Recently an integrated practice owner held a live new patient dinner event at a hotel near his practice. He was blown away to have 78 people attend.

The presentation went very well with nobody leaving early. However, in the end, his staff of three people and himself were completely overwhelmed and they only managed to schedule four people. The rest walked out interested but unscheduled.

Even after several weeks of following up, they know they missed out on a lot of great potential prospects.

The problem wasn’t the turnout, the problem was the limited manpower to handle the interested and excited prospect. Having too many people at the event turned out to be a problem.

The next time out this practice owner was a lot more measured in his approach. He kept it small. Only 11 people showed up, but the results were astounding.

He had his three staff were able to speak to each one of the attendees. Out of the 11 who attended, 7 scheduled on the spot and became new patients – nearly double the financial results of the much larger earlier event.

If you’re hesitant about hosting live events, consider trying a small-scale gathering. With the right audience, even 5 to 15 people can make a significant impact.

As you grow and your staff grows you can create larger events and rake in more new patients in one night than some practices do in a month.

But you should start small and be sure to keep the crowd size in ratio to the number of staff you have available that night.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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