The #1 Mistake Practice Owners Make When Advertising To New Patients

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

Read why this key decision in your new patient marketing should not be a guess.

A key decision when running new patient ads is defining the exact geographic area to target. Most practice owners just make their best guess not realizing that even a minor error can almost completely wipe out the results from an otherwise great new patient marketing campaign.

For example, if you target people around the office with a simple radius bubble the difference between a 7-mile bubble and a 10-mile bubble is almost DOUBLE the square miles. If the correct targeting is actually 5 miles then literally 70% of the ad budget is going to people in the wrong place! Almost every error I’ve ever seen is in the direction of going with too wide an area which wastes a ton of money.

In our agency, we direct thousands of new patients to our clients each month and have developed a nearly foolproof geo-targeting method that hits the target every time! How? By using data. Here is how:

1. Ditch the radius bubble. They are outdated and arbitrary. They only survive today because they are easy to understand. It is possible to be far, far more precise.

2. Open 100 of your patient files and note the zip code where these people live. Count how many times each zip code appears. Soon you will discover that 80% of your patients live in a relatively small number of zip codes.

3. Target ONLY those top zip codes with your ads.

Because you are using a data-driven method you can stop guessing and use these zip codes as the foundation for all your Facebook ads going forward.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

To save time, many practitioners choose to partner with my agency, The Customer Factory.

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