(Research Results!) How New Patients Expect A Healthcare Practitioner To Dress

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

Most practitioners try to strike a balance with how they dress somewhere between comfortable and professional.

New research indicates that most practitioners get this wrong and in doing so erode the trust they could otherwise have with new patients.

In popular culture and in business settings the trend has definitely been toward a much more casual dress code.

Whereas in the past business people had a mandatory uniform of a business suit we’re going to work this is much more relaxed now.

And of course, those working from home can sometimes work in sweats or yoga pants (or less) and no one cares.

However, when it comes to in-person meetings business attire is still held to a higher standard.

So how does this relate to the practitioner’s new patient relationship?

What most practice owners are not going to be happy to hear is that the public still associates a white lab coat with competent healthcare.

A polo shirt, button-down shirt, or similar casual option does not give the same subconscious reassurance that an old-school lab coat gives.

New patients reported that they are less likely to trust advice coming from someone who is underdressed. It is clearly the result of more than a hundred years of cultural conditioning and is not likely to change quickly.

Realize that people will see you long before they hear you and often there’s a snap judgment made on the value of your information based on how you present yourself.

As a practice owner, it’s your decision on the dress code you want to establish for yourself and your associates.

I’m just sharing this research which indicated that if you care to wear a lab coat when meeting with patients, you may see a rise in care acceptance and compliance.

Besides appearances, one important thing to have in any practice is, of course, new patients. There are many things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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