How To Use Facebook To Attract More Knee Patients

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

One of the most successful campaigns we run is to attract qualified knee pain patients. Here are some tips on how to get great responses:

1. In your ads talk about their symptoms using the same words they use. For your ad to connect with the prospective new patient you have to show you understand what they are experiencing. The best way is to use the same words and descriptions that you hear from patients. Using terms like “bone on bone” and “grinding, popping” will get their attention.

2. Do not try to explain or sell the treatment in the ads or landing page. The job of the ad is to get the click, the landing page is there to get the person to request the appointment. You only answer their questions fully once they are in the office.

3. Use medical textbook-style images that show knees as anatomy. For some reason the public like these. As an alternative, you can use images of happy people getting on with their lives free of pain.

Note: Do not show people who are in pain or distress as Facebook will often penalize those types of images or suspend your ad account.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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