Chapter 11: Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Results

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

In this video, I explore why campaign tracking is critical and how to do it right for your team, your own team and healthcare practice team.

Running effective marketing campaigns requires more than just spending money on ads. To get the best return on your investment, you need to closely track and analyze and measure the performance of each campaign. With proper tracking in place, you can determine which marketing campaign efforts are successful and which other campaign name are falling flat.

The Importance of Campaign Tracking

John Wanamaker, a famous department store owner in the early 1900s, once said: "Half the money I manage to spend on advertising and sales is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

This quote still rings true today. With numerous marketing and communication campaigns running at once across various communication platforms, it’s incredibly challenging to know which ones are working. Relying on patient surveys won’t give you an accurate picture – people simply can’t recall or don’t know how many clicks they heard about your practice.

Without proper marketing campaign and tracking, you’re essentially throwing your own marketing campaign dollars into a black hole and hoping for the best. To make smart budget decisions, you need hard data on the performance and ROI of each marketing campaign.

Implementing a Campaign Tracking System

We make it easy for clients to easily track their marketing efforts with create a comprehensive tracking system. Here are the key steps we recommend easily track them:

  1. Use unique phone numbers. This is the most critical tactic. Each ad campaign needs its own dedicated tracking phone number so you can see exactly how many calls and leads it generates. Services like CallRail make this simple and cost-effective.
  2. Track website traffic. Use UTM links in your campaigns to see how many visits each one is driving to your site. Google Analytics is invaluable for attributing website traffic back to specific marketing efforts.
  3. Listen to recordings. Call tracking services often record inbound calls so you can evaluate lead quality and listen to exactly what prospects are asking about.
  4. Monitor campaign analytics. Digital platforms like Facebook Ads Manager provide incredibly detailed [data] on campaign reach, engagement, clicks, conversions, and more.
  5. Connect conversions to sources. When you book a new consultation or patient, note which campaign prompted their initial response. This helps complete the picture of ROI by campaign.

With the right campaign tracking protocols in place, you’ll gain clear and actionable insights into conversions, sales and marketing performance. You’ll be able to double down on high converting campaigns and pare back spending on low performers.

Tracking is the Key to Marketing Success

In our experience, most healthcare practices do not have sufficient tracking in place to more easily track and manage this. We often find clients spending 90% of their budget in the wrong areas due to lack of data.

With comprehensive tracking established, we see success when marketers can rapidly optimize their marketing spend towards campaigns with the highest ROI. Many clients see a 200-300% increase in new patients from the same ad budget within just a few months.

Don’t waste another marketing dollar without having the data to inform your decisions. To learn more about campaign tracking solutions for your practice.


Data-Driven Marketing Equals Results

In today’s digital marketing landscape, you simply can’t afford to have users “fly blind” and create something without tracking in place. Implementing a comprehensive tracking system provides the data you need to maximize and manage your marketing ROI.

We make campaign performance tracking easy through proven platforms, analytics, and reporting. Contact us today to schedule a free discovery call where we’ll evaluate the success of your current campaigns and make data-driven recommendations to generate more leads and patients.

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