Chapter 1: This Is Marketing, Not Social Media

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

Once I Realized The Truth, It changed Everything About How I Used Facebook

Contrary to popular belief doc, Facebook is not a social media platform.

It used to be, in its early days, when you created a post on Facebook, and maybe 800 people saw your post. It would push it out to the masses and anyone its algorithms thought would benefit from reading what you wrote. Now it’s completely different.

You’d be lucky to have 8 people see your posts and there is a fundamental reason why. Facebook is at its heart, a marketing platform. It uses its social media aspect of it to attract people together and collect data so that advertisers can specifically target those people for products and services.

It may have been a social media platform when it started but once they realized people would pay to communicate specifically to certain groups of people it shifted.

But what does this mean for your practice?

Well, first if you are using Facebook as a social media platform and hoping to get new patients you’re going about it all wrong. You have to look at Facebook as paid advertising platform if you really want to get in front of people and attract qualified new patients for care.

It takes time to learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing for your practice. But that is why I took all the information I’ve learned to attract qualified new patients for my clients and wrote down all the key points you will need to run a successful Facebook new patient marketing campaign. 

In my e-book, Chiropractors: 16 Rules for Facebook Marketing Success, you will learn the exact points that I have found that create successful new patient marketing campaigns on Facebook.

It’s free and its my way of helping docs learn how to use Facebook to market their practice.

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