The Riches Are In The Niches

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

How to Build a Practice that Consistently Gets $100,000 / Month

Most chiropractors try to cast a wide net for the conditions that they treat. And why wouldn’t they? Chiropractic care and its related subjects (such as nutrition, etc.) are certainly more than capable of addressing so many of today’s health issues.

Unfortunately, the common byproduct of this is chiropractors who have to work long hours, make sacrifices in their lives, struggle financially, and, eventually, get completely worn out, exhausted, strained, and stressed.

Dr. Matt Christenson and Dr. Rob Scranton have both owned and operated their own practices. They’ve overcome the same challenges that most chiropractors have had to face, they have experienced being poor, broke, stubborn, and determined. That stubbornness and determination drove them to dig deeper and look harder to find the key to success in the field of building a successful chiropractic practice.

They have hired consultants, attended workshops and done countless hours (worth countless dollars) of training. They’ve seen the gurus that claim to have the answers, but upon closer inspection, never actually had to grow their own practice. There are enough consultants and coaches out there who make big claims and promise success but lack the actual substance and experience to actually make a difference.

With their combined years of experience, and the knowledge gained from both their successes and their failures, they decided to fulfill their purpose to serve the chiropractic community and humbly and effectively help doctors navigate the path to financial and professional success. Thus, Clinic Masters was born. They focus on helping doctors like you reliably attain success through focusing on treating a small, target audience with effective knee pain or neuropathy protocols.

Through Clinic Masters, when you learn to treat one niche with extreme precision and incredible results, you have the foundation for profound success. When you add to that a comprehensive and proven plan for practice growth (everything from staff scripts to financial planning and marketing to billing), there is nothing that will stand in the way of your personal, professional and financial freedom.

Watch the above video to learn more about how to take advantage of the riches in the niches. If you follow the advice of Dr. Rob and Dr. Matt, your practice will be consistently bringing in over $100,000 per month

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