The Power of Defining Your Perfect Patient

written by John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

Let’s define what a “Perfect” Patient is for you.

For marketing purposes, let’s define a “perfect” new patient as someone:

A. They have a condition/complaint you can help with;

B. They are motivated and eager for care and;

C. They have the means to pay for it.

These are the wonderful new patient leads that show up and start the care you recommend.

Bad leads and poor-quality responses to your ads are usually due to a failure to target this “perfect” new patient.

Here is how you fix this:

First, define your perfect patient profile. (A lot of marketing gurus make this simple step sound so complex.)

Discovering who you should be targeting can be as simple as looking back at your successful patients in the recent past and seeing what attributes they have in common. This means their age, gender, hobbies, where they shop, etc. If you don’t have the details just ask several good patients some casual questions the next time they are in.

Next, use Facebook ad targeting to promote to more people who look and act like them. Focus just on people who share those perfect attributes and characteristics.

WARNING: There is a tendency to expand out a little beyond the ideal to “get more” by over-including such as adding a few years to the ideal age range higher or lower. This is a mistake as every person you spend money on who is outside your ideal target group is money that would be better spent advertising more to the ideal target audience.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

To save time, many practitioners choose to partner with my agency, The Customer Factory.

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