Practice Consultants: 5 Easy Ways To Tell The Good Ones From The Bad Ones

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

The right consultant to put you on the path to growth and prosperity. But the wrong one can leave you impoverished and trying to fix the damage that was done. Here are 5 insights on how to choose a good one.


1. Always do independent research

Some consultants are far better salespeople than they are at delivering what they promise. Testimonials will be hand-picked. Ask your network of colleagues about them, do some digging. This person is going to do surgery at your practice and you need to make sure they’ve not killed 10 of their last 20 patients.

2. Choose a Consultant that has “been there, done that”

The best practice consultants have literally done it themselves before. They understand the challenges you’re facing and have overcome those challenges themselves personally.

3. Avoid glib or shallow advice.

To spot a bad consultant, look for those who make quick, unobserved changes or focus on trivial aspects instead of addressing the core issues. These consultants may try to prove their worth by making unnecessary changes and exaggerating their importance.

4. Demand measurable impact.

A good consultant will continuously improve your business as they implement changes. They should make a measurable impact, such as increasing revenue or improving service delivery. it’s something that should be objectively measurable on a statistical graph or a spreadsheet.

5. Don’t commit until you know you got a good one.

Refuse to sign long-term contracts or give hefty upfront retainers until you know you’ve got a consultant who is a good fit for you and your practice. Reputable consultants know that trust is a big issue and will offer you introductory programs, seminars, and other ways to try before you buy.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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