Can Bad Marketing Cost You New Patients?

By John Nesbit, CEO The Customer Factory

How Bad Marketing Can Follow You & Ruin Your Reputation

We’ve all tried it, moving from one new patient marketing company to the next on the promise of some new way to get around Facebook’s algorithm when promoting certain types of ads. Whether it be stem cell and regenerative medicine, erectile dysfunction, or an amazing new supplement that can really help people lose that excess weight. Everything you’ve tried to promote on social media just doesn’t seem to work and ads are getting more expensive.

Flash forward a month later and you’re angry with your marketing company and already looking for a new one to do your advertising.

But what you are probably not aware of is how those “tricks” to get around Facebook’s algorithm can follow your practice’s page even to your new marketer and seep into your personal Facebook page driving your future marketing costs up!

So How Do I Know If I’m in Facebook Jail?

In Today’s 5 Mins on the Factory Floor – John Nesbit and Merle Stepler go over the most common bad marketer “tricks” that can screw up your future marketing & how to maintain good standing with Facebook to ensure your ads are not flagged. Watch the video above and note down any points that may be out.

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