April 24

7 Tips for Creating a Consistent Flow of Qualified New Patients


You are only one new patient marketing campaign away from having a more profitable and personally satisfying practice. Here are several vital tips to get you going in the right direction.

1. Go after one type of patient at a time.

A knee pain patient and a neuropathy patient are having different symptoms and experiences. Rather than make your ad a menu list of all the services you provide, focus on one patient type at a time and you will make a deeper and more emotional connection.

2. Target by zip code.

A mistake practice owners make is to target too wide an area and spread their budget too thin. Use your database and only target the ZIP codes where 80% of your current patients come from now.

3. Appeal to those who are active and health motivated.

Aim your ads toward those who are active in life. Those who play golf or go fishing, travel, etc. These people will have personal goals and motivations that can pull them into your office and through a complete care plan.

4. Go after the most qualified prospects first.

Facebook and Instagram give a vast ability to target prospective new patients by their potential ability to pay for care.

5. Use testimonials (social proof).

People believe other people. Using short testimonials in your marketing signals that you have helped others just like them.

6. Don’t say too much.

You’ll never be able to answer all people’s questions adequately in your advertising or even on your website. It is always best to tell them that they will get all their questions answered once they’re in your office.

7. Improve scheduling skills.

Scheduling skill is what gets prospects to show up for their first appointment. There are communication techniques and strategies that can land more than 80% of these people into your office ready for care.

Of course, there are many more things to know in order to create a consistent flow of qualified new patients for your practice.

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